Perfume celebrated through music: Musicaessenza

Perfume celebrated through music: Musicaessenza

“I’ve got you under my skin” goes the famous Frank Sinatra song, chosen for this post, in Nicole Henry’s goose-bump-giving version.
This is the first track with which I’m inaugurating a section of my blog that I particularly like, “Musicaessenza”.

I love music in all its genres and forms, and I find it to be a communication tool that I’m still not sure belongs to this world. It’s simply amazing that people can actually relive events and situations thanks to the sublime harmony created by the chords and sequences of only seven notes.

So what’s perfume got to do with it?

Well, I believe that each song has a soul, as well as an unambiguous message in its lyrics, and that these two aspects can be interpreted by a fragrance.
A scent, just like a song, has chords and notes that stimulate people’s memory and gives what I call “its atmosphere”, its own identity and spirit.

In the posts that follow in this section, therefore, I’ve arranged for each song to interpret a fragrance, while a fragrance interprets a song; come and join me in this unique experiment!

Here you have it: perfumes and music – two passions that will “get under your skin”.

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